Howard University
         American Political Thought, Fall 2018
         Nature and Uses of Political Theory, Spring 2018
         Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Spring 2018
         Constitutional Law I: Structures of Government, Fall 2017
              POLS 163 – Packet 1.0
              POLS 163 – Syllabus 1.1
University of Pennsylvania
     Introduction to American Politics, Summer 2016, 2017
     Teaching Assistant and Guest Lecturer:
         Modern American Constitutional Law, Spring 2015
         Early American Constitutional Law, Fall 2014
         American Political Thought, Spring 2014
         Modern Political Thought, Fall 2013
     Center for Teaching and Learning:
         Teaching Certificate, October 2015
         Trainer for Teaching Assistants, August 2016
University of Maryland
     Teaching Assistant and Guest Lecturer:
         Political Theory: Ancient and Modern, Fall 2010, Fall 2011, Spring 2012
         Intro. to Political Theory, Summer 2011
         American Government and Politics, Spring 2011
Johns Hopkins University – Center for Talented Youth
     Teaching Assistant and Guest Lecturer:
         International Politics, Summer 2011, 2012